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Additional Research


This page could consist of most anything that we might embark upon concerning rifles, pressures, bullets, scopes, or any sort of project, related or not directly related to the B&M rifles. We do a lot of research here on many different subjects concerning all types of shooting. So stay tuned, no telling what may turn up at any time.

The "Lab Guy" photos above are done in



 The Oehler System 83


Working with two systems, Oehler and PT 2 For Pressure Data

Most of this work is ongoing, and will be updated as new data is gathered.

458 Lott Load Data Cutting Edge Bullets & North Fork Technologies

458 Winchester Load Data Cutting Edge Bullets & North Fork Technologies

416 Remington Load Data Cutting Edge Bullets & North Fork Technologies.

223 Load Data I use with my rifles with ESP Raptors and BBW#13 NonCon.

577 Nitro Load Data. This is a work in progress and will be changing once new data has been developed.

30/30 Lever Action Cutting Edge Bullet data, 100 ESP Raptor and 130 ESP Raptor.

30-30 CEB Data 8202014.pdf (PDF — 71 KB)

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