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9.3 B&M


Winchester M70 9.3 B&M

Accurate Innovations Turkish

The 9.3 B&M is the smallest caliber designed for the B&M case for the Winchester M70s in WSM actions. Smaller caliber and bullet selection is reduced drastically because of overall length for the magazine. 9.3 Caliber is not hindered by this and all available bullets I have used in 9.3 has fit perfectly. The 9.3 and 375 B&M have a slightly different barrel taper, smaller than the larger caliber. Thus it comes in at a very nice handling 7.5 lbs with the standard wood stocks. 6.5 lbs with the Winchester Ultimate stock.

Standard barrel length is 20 inches.

In the future I will use the 9.3 B&M as my medium cartridge, replacing all my longer, bigger, and heavier 338s and 358s.

It has proven to be very efficient and has reached beyond my original expectations. Capable of running 286 gr Bullets at 2550 fps and 250 gr bullets at over 2700 fps.

While the 9.3 B&M is excellent with all of the "Conventional" expanding bullets, when you start working with the various Cutting Edge BBW#13s the 9.3 B&M is enhanced far beyond what you can imagine for a medium caliber.

Now let me introduce you to the new 210 gr ESP Raptor for the 9.3s. ESP (Enhanced System Projectile) having a BBW#13 NonCon HP on one end, a BBW#13 Solid on the other, and each box comes with Talon Tips to increase BC by 2-3 times, extending range. The 9.3 B&M is able to run this bullet at over 2900 fps in a 20 Inch Barrel! This is incredible performance and the 210 ESP Raptor shows off by out performing every 9.3 Conventional bullet tested over the last couple of years! Even being light for caliber the Raptor gives superior performance over even the heaviest of 9.3 caliber bullets tested. This bullet is extremely accurate as well. It will become the standard use bullet for the 9.3 B&M. Combine it with the larger hard hitting BBW#13 Dangerous Game bullets the 9.3 B&M becomes an excellent bush rifle able to take on anything that walks.   

April 2012

Just returning from South Africa in which I took the 9.3 B&M on it's first field test for plains game. The 9.3 B&M proved very successful as a medium caliber combined with the 210 gr ESP Raptor in the photos above.

Taking game such as zebra, wildebeast, hartebeast, blesbok, and impala the cartridge/bullet combination proved to be devastating. Even on larger zebra and wildebeast there were no bullets recovered and all internal organs in between destroyed resulting in quick recovery of animals. Many animals dropped on the spot, none went further than 50 yards before going down permanently.

Using the only 19 inch version of the 9.3 B&M I ran the 210 ESP Raptor at a touch over 2900 fps.   

After returning from South Africa, I asked Dan from Cutting Edge to design a 200 gr Flat Base Raptor for the 9.3 caliber guns.   Data and Terminal performance is the same as for the 210 ESP Raptor.   This bullet is more accurate and easier to load than the 210 ESP.


Basic Load data for the 9.3 B&M

More about NonCons....Non-Conventional Bullets. Add "Conventional" to the Endangered Species List!

Non-Conventional Bullets and how they work

For more information about Solids and how they work.

Click on the link below for creating 9.3 B&M Brass

Creating Brass for the B&M Cartridges

Something else for 9.3 B&M owners. Making brass just become extremely easy to do, if you have basic RUM brass to begin with at 2.240 inches cut and trimmed. First as always, just run through the size die, but now instead of not fully sizing each case, having the cartridge bump into the chamber so as to not create too much stretch in the case when fired the first time, you can full length size the new brass, load with an extruded powder like IMR 4320 or RL 15 and go to the field with full loads, instead of having to fire form first. I did this recently and found I have zero problems with the cases splitting if I use extruded powders.

Do not use Ball Powders with Full Length sized and formed brass, this will split the new case every single time, extruded powder as IMR 4320 or RL 15 only. Pressures and velocity do not vary from Fire Formed brass.

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