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416    B & M

The 416 B&M is designed for the Winchester M70 WSM control feed action, with 18 and 20 inch barrels. I found that 20 inches is about optimum, and that with some loads one does start to loose some velocity at 18 inches. However, for a lot of the work done with 416 caliber I am willing to sacrifice some velocity for handling and ease of working in the field. Primarily the 416 B&M is at it's very best with 350 gr bullets. In 20 inches of barrel it runs most 350s at 2450 + fps and in 18 inches of barrel 2400 + fps. More than enough to accomplish most missions with a 416 caliber rifle.

I have an Ultimate stocked version in camo, I figure it's just about a perfect Alaskan rifle. It is only 38 inches overall and weighs 6.5 lbs and launches 350s at over 2400 fps and 300 gr bullets well over 2600 fps. The New 325 gr CEB BBW#13 Raptor  it is more than enough for anything one might encounter in Alaska, along with having more than enough range.

Another favorite bullet is the 225 Raptor that runs from 2850 fps in 18 inch guns to well over 2900 fps in the 20 inch guns and will handle everything up to the heavies, buffalo/hippo.

The 416 B&M is quite a versatile rifle and cartridge combination. Many have chosen it because of it's versatility.

Basic Load Data for the 416 B&M

Click on the link below for creating 416 B&M Brass

Creating Brass for the B&M Cartridges

More about NonCons---Non-Conventional Bullets. Add "Conventional" to the Endangered Species List!

Non-Conventional Bullets and how they work

For more information about Solids and how they work.

416      B & M  In   Alaska

I have often referred to the 416 B&M being nearly the perfect Alaskan Rifle. My version is a Stainless 18 inch gun that fires the 225 Raptor at 2850 fps. Mine is in a Winchester Ultimate stock, and comes in at 6.5 lbs without a scope.

Over the last couple of years this must have caught on as as we have sent several 416 B&M's configured this way or very similar to Alaska, and a few of them for Alaskan Bear Guides.

Recently our Friend Greg Bauer took his 416 B&M to Alaska for brown bear. Greg used the 225 Raptor, from Cutting Edge Bullets, at just shy of 2900 fps. Greg's rifle is a 20 inch version, black Matte GunKote finish, and Winchester Ultimate Stock.


Greg reported this;


I just want to let you know that I had a successful brown bear hunt. It was tough hunting, There was a mild winter and a warm and early spring. This was the only shooter I saw on the entire hunt. I shot him on day 6. 


The wind got swirly and hit me in the back of the neck when I was 155 yards from the sow. The boar was in the woods. We could not risk getting any closer. When he came out and was a slight quartering towards, I hit him with the 225 gr raptor and and turned around toward the woods and went 5 yards and went straight down.

Thanks, Greg

Congratulations Greg, we very much enjoy our B&M guys being successful in the field. 

416 B&M Goes to Africa for Dangerous Game

Our friend Sean Russell returned recently from his first big game Safari in Africa. His choice of rifle was the 416 B&M that he has been working with for a couple of years now. His choice of bullet, 350/325 BBW#13 Solid and Raptor. Sean was very successful, taking elephant, buffalo, kudu and other plains game with the 416 B&M and a huge lion with his 458 B&M Super Short. This will be the first elephant with 416 B&M, and the first Cape Buffalo Bull with the 416 B&M. I took a cow buffalo a few years ago with one, but not a big bull.  


Congratulations Sean!

Recently I started working with a new bullet from Cutting Edge, a 225 gr BBW#13 Raptor, designed to seat deep, and add the Talon Tip and it works through the magazine of a 416 B&M. Terminal Performance was incredible, and we can safely run this bullet at 2856 fps in 18 inches, and 2950 fps in 20 inches. This bullet will handle any thin skinned game on the planet, including Dangerous Game such as Lion, Bear, and leopard. Perfect Plains game, moose, elk, deer bullet as well. At 2926 fps in my Winchester M70 416 B&M with the camo Ultimate stock and 18 inch barrel, this bullet is a perfect match with that rifle.

416 B & M in Australia


Win M70 416 B&M

Returning recently from yet another incredible and successful hunt with Paul Truccolo, I finally got my little 18 inch light weight 416 B&M to the field. It was such a pleasure to work with, carry and shoot.  

I had a mission with this little gun and it was the new 225 gr Cutting Edge Bullets Raptor...... The same bullet tested and shown above. It was not my intention to prove this a true buffalo bullet, but since I did not have thin skinned dangerous game to test with, I decided to see how it would do on buffalo instead. If it could handle buffalo, no thin skinned animal on the planet would be safe from it. We still recommend for buffalo the 325 HP/350 Solid Safari bullets from Cutting edge should you go buffalo hunting.

The bullet proved itself many times, and many times would exit broadside buffalo cows. I shot 10 buffalo cows in a herd reduction hunt with this rifle, not only using the 225 Raptor, but a 300 ESP Raptor as well, which did extremely well on buffalo. In fact, I personally would not feel under gunned, or in this case "Under Bulleted" with the 300 ESP Raptor, first one up as a Talon Tipped Raptor, followed by the same bullet loaded as a solid. This would prove an excellent combination in this rifle for buffalo, if you were determined to use .416 caliber on buffalo.  The 300 ESP Raptor you can see below...........

These bullets from Cutting Edge are absolutely wicked in the 416 B&M, one can hunt anything, anywhere with the combination of the 225s, 300 ESP, 325/350s, as has already been proven and you can see right here on this page. Anything from impala to elephant...............


In the video below you will see Australian cow buffalo taken with the 416 B&M and the 225 gr Raptors.............

416 B&M - 225 grain Cutting Edge Raptors

Australian Buffalo hunt with Paul Truccolo and Michael McCourry, using the 416 B&M Rifle, with 225 Cutting Edge Raptor

Michael McCourry - B&M Rifles and Cartridges Paul Truccolo Southern Safaris

Australian buffalo hunt with Michael McCourry and Paul Truccolo.416 B7M Rifle with 225 grain Cutting Edge Raptor Bullet

From Cutting Edge Bullets, designed for the 416 B&M, 350 gr CEB BBW

#13 Solids and 325 gr CEB BBW #13 Hollow Points.


350 & 325 CEB BBW#13s

For those of you that remain attached to the heavier 416 caliber 400 gr bullets there is now a new 400 gr CEB BBW #13 Solid, and a 370 gr matching #13 NonCon. Tested recently in the 416 B&M they both gave excellent performance.


400 & 370 CEB BBW#13s

New from Cutting Edge Bullets is the 416 300 gr ESP Raptor. Enhanced System Projectile. Can be loaded as a straight NonCon, NonCon with new improved R-Talon Tip, and also as a Solid.

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