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This page I will be posting current events and news relating to the B&M Series. It may include comments from others, just plain updates on the cartridges or rifles, or scheduled events.

Working with and developing the entire series of B&M Rifles and Cartridges has been a great adventure for me. I have a passion for the big bores, and these B&M rifles and cartridges have spoiled me to the point I have retired all of my other big bore rifles to become "safe kings". All my Winchester M70s chambered in 416 Remington, 458 Winchester, 458 Lott, and 470 Capstick have been delegated to mere test work and to live out their existence locked away, and will never see the field again. I can't even imagine taking one of these heavy, long, cumbersome rifles to the field again. Which in my past history I have done many times.

Every B&M cartridge, every B&M rifle has far exceeded my original expectations. In the beginning I had no idea that these cartridges and rifles would be as successful as they are. But rest assured, they did not get to this point by my hand alone, there is a tremendous team behind the B&M's.

B&M Magazine Articles 

From the Big Book of Ballistics By Phillip Massaro

Solid Terminals.pdf

February 2022

It has been a few years since I did any serious updates to the B&M Website.  My apologies for this.

A few months ago, I visited the Site Builder, and the host had changed everything about how to make changes, even to add photos, and text.   I was completely lost as to how to make changes, and or add anything to the site.   Recently, just the last week or so, I revisited this issue, in an attempt to learn how to manipulate the site.   While I have not accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped, please bear with me as I try to update, and make changes needed.  Many of these issues I am having to learn what and how to do it.  

Thank You


Bob Banfelder

North American Small & Big Game Handbook

Last year I was contacted by Bob Banfelder. Bob learned about B&M Rifles and myself from JD Jones. Bob asked if I would be willing to write a story about one of our hunting adventures in Africa. In particular one about Elephant. He had JD and some other hunters contributing some work as a Bonus Feature to the book, which would be added to North American Small and Big Game Handbook he was working on at the time. After some discussion back and forth I agreed to do so.

The book came out in February 2016 and turned out very well. In addition to my Elephant hunting story, Bob added a good bit about the B&M Rifles & Cartridges. If inclined please go over to Bob's website and get one for your collection.

May 2016

Recently our Friend Greg Bauer returned from a very successful brown bear hunt in Alaska. This is reported on the 416 B&M Page, as normal. On this trip with Greg, his friend, Joe Democko was along with on the trip as well. While Joe did not use a B&M rifle, instead using a "Rat Gun" in 375 H&H, he too was successful on his hunt with Greg. I am sure that eventually we will talk Joe into a real and proper Dangerous Game Rifle and Caliber, it is worthy of note Joe did use a proper bullet for his hunt, the 230 ESP Raptor from CEB. And in addition Joe has become a friend of ours regardless of using that rat gun of his! HEH.............

Joe Reported;

Hi Michael:

I used a 230 gn ESP Raptor out of my 375 H&H. I stalked to within 80 yards of my bear and hit him right through the left front shoulder. He went straight down. Never spun like they usually do. He tried to get up so I hit him again, truth be told I probably didn't need to shoot any more.

Congratulations Joe 


May 2016

Now with the B&M's being established, Load Data and Pressure Data complete, bullet design and testing complete for the B&M's, I have turned much of my attention to other areas of research. For over 10 years we have worked very hard to make the B&M Rifles & Cartridges the best they could be, through good and reliable load data to bullet design. We are there! With these things established and completed, it is time to do some other work that has my interest as well.

My field operations has slowed down considerably. There is nothing left to prove, nor field test. Bullets from both Cutting Edge and North Fork have been perfected, B&M cartridges and rifles have been proven, there is just not anywhere for me to go from there. With this in mind, I am taking a break from the field.

Some of the things we have been working on here will be eventually posted on the "Additional Research Page". A few of the projects we have been working on include Pressure and Load data for 300 Blackout, 338 Federal, 45 Colt, 45 ACP, 7.62X40, 300 Winchester Mag, and recently developing new load data for 44 Auto mag, which will be used in a New Version of that famous Handgun. Along with this data we have also been working with some new bullets for some of these cartridges, from both Cutting Edge and North Fork of course. We are very excited about a new 100 Flat Base Raptor in .308, designed by CEB specifically for 300 Blackout and 7.62X40, but just extreme in other .308 cartridges as well, such as 308 Winchester and 300 Winchester Mag. Some new data with this bullet in 300 Winchester takes it to just a tad under 4000 fps! And it takes 300 Blackout into new and far more advanced territory. Once again, we are looking at Bullet Tech to enhance our cartridges of interest.

While there may not be a lot of B&M new activity or new cartridges, we are not idle here by any stretch.

Thank you,


December 2015

One of our biggest issues the last TWO YEARS is Remington RUM Brass! The basic case for all the B&M's with the exception of the Super Shorts, which are made from WSM brass.

Norma has been making 300 RUM now for some time, and just recently Hornady released their RUM brass. We are very pleased to report that both Hornady and Norma will work great for the B&M Cartridges requiring RUM brass. 50 B&M, 458 B&M, 416 B&M, 9.3 B&M, and the two bastard children, 500 B&M and 458 B&M EX.

Hornady RUM Brass is lighter than the Remington RUM brass by 12-15 grains. It produces LESS PRESSURE and along with it some LESS VELOCITY than the Remington Brass. Simple, one only has to add a grain or so powder to get velocity and pressure back up to equal the Remington bras you normally use.

Norma RUM Brass is HEAVIER than the Remington RUM brass by the same 12-15 grains. In tests now conducted with New Formed Norma Brass pressures and velocity is close to the Remington brass, and in some cases slightly MORE than the Remington Brass depending upon the B&M Cartridge. Again, one can adjust down a grain or so powder to equal what you have been getting with Remington brass if needed.

We NEED THE BRASS available. No Brass, No Shooting! While both Hornady and Norma are more expensive than the Remington RUM, I am pleased we at least have the option. Fortunately B&M brass is very durable, even at the higher pressures.

Below download the Test Work and see for yourself.


RUM Brass Tests.pdf (PDF — 67 KB

We finally received the first LabRadar unit ordered, after nearly 2 years of waiting. We are both very pleased with it, and also a bit disappointed in it.

While it is 100% with the big bores, it comes up short with the rat calibers.

It will not read or pick up any Boat Tail designs at or under 308 caliber here on the indoor range. Working with 308 and 223 some this week it picks up 90% of the flat base bullets, but 0% of any boat tail in those calibers. I have not worked yet with above 308 caliber boat tails, such as 338.............

I had hoped to remove all chronographs and screens from the range, but it seems that on the very rare occasions that I might need to know the velocity of a rat caliber boat tail, I might have to revert back to the old systems.

One must keep in mind that I also might still be in the learning curve phase as well, and or, the indoor range is causing some sort of interference I have yet to discover.

At any rate, I am pleased with its performance with the big bores, and the B&Ms, I used the LabRadar exclusively for the RUM Brass tests listed above, and it worked great for that job, and suspect that any big bore job we have, the LabRadar will handle it with ease.   

Our New Oehler System 83

Now October 2013 and I have started work with the new Oehler System 83. The Oehler can measure chamber pressures either by strain gage or transducer. It is an excellent stand alone system, and all tests have matched perfectly with all the pressure work done in years past. Now we have a system that is fully backed from the manufacturer for many years to come, and the reliability we desire in such a system.

Not only can the Oehler System 83 measure Pressures, but it can also be hooked up with the Oehler Model 57 Chronograph, and the downrange Acoustic Targets, which displays the exact hit location, time of flight, ballistic coefficient and velocity at impact.   

Australia 2013

Once again we had a very successful "Trip Down Under" with Paul Truccolo and Southern Safaris. Our mission there was Herd Reduction, working with some new bullets in 416 caliber using my favorite 416 B&M with an 18 inch barrel. And my old #1 500 MDM that has been remodeled you might say, with refinished Myrtle stock from


Accurate Innovations, and a shorter 19 inch barrel. I did take one very fine big bull, I could not resist. He was taken with the 500 MDM and a 350 gr ESP Raptor at 2700 fps, he dropped to the shot............. In all the 500 MDM took 21 buffalo, and 3 good size pigs.

The 416 B&M and the 225 gr Raptor, along with the 300 ESP Raptor did a fantastic job on 10 buffalo and 2 pigs. While I felt the 225 overall was a little light for buffalo, many of these bullets exited none the less, and without doubt the 225 Raptor would be wicked on any thin skinned game on the planet, including all the big bears, lion, and leopard. I would use the 300 ESP Raptor on buffalo anytime, Talon Tipped first round, followed by the 300 ESP Raptor as a Solid.

Thanks Paul for an incredible hunt once again................


Africa 2013

We spent much of our summer in Africa this year. While there were things we had to attend to in South Africa, we did manage to get some hunting in as well........

This year my agenda was built around working for the first time in the field for me, a M71 50 B&M Alaskan, my goal, the toughest test of all, the mighty Cape Buffalo. The second part of my mission was to work with one of my 458 B&M's and the new 250 gr bullets available from Cutting Edge Bullets. I was hoping to prove that with these 250 gr bullets that one could increase the versatility of the rifle and cartridge. These goals were accomplished far beyond my expectations. For more in depth reports, please see the updates on the 50 B&M Alaskan Page, and the 458 B&M Page.......

The first part of our Safari was in South Africa with Andrew Schoeman of Baobab Safaris.

The second part of our 2013 Safari we went to Gache Gache Zimbabwe with Andrew and Corris. We hunted here before in 2011 with incredible success.   

NEW From Accurate Innovations

Accurate Innovations is now making some very fine Wood Stocks for the B&M Super Shorts. I received the first one, a very fine Turkish, high grade, with some incredible hand checkering. These are now available and all details worked out. If you have a B&M Super Short, 50, 475, or 458, then give Wes a call at AI and get yourself one of these.   

August 2012

August was a big month for us. Our entire crowd went to Australia with B&M Rifles to go up against Australian Buffalo once more with our mate Paul Truccolo. My two boys, Matthew Daniel and Mark David were along, Uncle Sam Rose, & Momma and Mercedes to keep all of the boys sorted out! I worked with the 475 B&M and the 9.3 B&M, while Matthew worked with a 50 B&M Super Short, Mark David with the 475 B&M Super Short. Bullets were all CEB BBW#13s & North Forks designed specifically for the B&M cartridges. The 50 and 475 B&M Super Shorts proved themselves excellent for buffalo, far beyond just adequate. Matthew and Mark handled the guns like pros as well. Bullets in all the cartridges performed as expected, or better, which means they were extreme!

Some high lights of the trip;

Some high lights of the trip;

Uncle Sam chose to use one of his double rifles in 500 Nitro and took two fine big bulls. But you see Paul's Win M70 on the left in 500 MDM just in case that double rifle did not work! Since Sam was using 475 and 535 BBW#13 NonCons, Paul did not have to use the 500 MDM, much to Paul's dismay I am sure! 

Other news, upon our return our other mate in Australia, Daryl Lenkic, is now official a B&M Distributor of B&M Rifles. Daryl is now in the process of having rifles built and his website is up and running as well. In addition Daryl has written another great article for the Australian magazines, as soon as I can get a copy I will get it posted. In the meantime, if you are Australian, go visit Daryl's website. Daryl is also a Distributor and importer for Cutting Edge Bullets, and the BBW#13s!

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