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475 B & M

Currently there have been only three 475 B&M rifles built to my knowledge.   475 B&M is the one B&M Cartridge that I do not care for.   There are several reasons for this.   The first 475 B&M that all the test work, load data, pressure data, and terminal performance, is an incredible gun, everything proved itself with that gun.   The second rifle came with an oversized barrel at .477-478 and would not engrave .474 caliber bullets, this was actually the rifle I used in Australia.   Due to the superior bullet designs by Cutting Edge and North Fork, it did not effect Terminal Performance in the least.  However I have since had that barrel changed since it was a mistake on the manufacturers tab.  


Another issue, which is of more importance, is the brass.   I have yet to find a proper way to form, and fire form the brass so that it does not split due to head space issues.  Put simply, much of your brass will fail after 3-4 firings.  I have tried every method to prevent this, but have yet to find a successful formula.   


The other important reason I am not enthusiastic about the 475 version, I just DO NOT SEE any improvement in the field over .458 caliber, and in particular the 458 B&M which is damn near perfect in every single regard, and the 458 B&M having ZERO issues or downsides........ I can see a difference in up front hitting capability from .458 to .500 caliber, but ZERO from .458 to .474.........


While I have not completely abandoned or discontinued the 475 B&M, YET, I have steered everyone who inquired about the 475 B&M to the 458 B&M, and will continue to do so.   You gain no field performance over the 458 version and you gain all the other benefits from 458.   If you want a B&M, choose one of the others.  The three I have here will remain here.    I also suspect strongly had I not taken my most favorite Aussie buffalo with the 475 B&M that this page would most likely not even exist and it would be totally discontinued. 


Now, please continue if you choose to, but keep what I said above close at hand.




Like the 50 B&M and the rest of the B&M family, the 475 B&M is designed for Winchester M70 WSM control feed actions. Same basic 2.240 inch RUM case, just squeezed to .474 caliber. Currently all 475 B&Ms have been built with 18 inch barrels. Bullets from Cutting Edge and North Fork have been designed specifically for the 475 B&M. And as you can see from the trip to Australia below, the bullets have been an enormous success.


The 475 B&M will be the last of the B&M Series based on a 2.240 inch RUM Case, and works from Winchester M70 WSM Rifles, which now consists of the following;


50 B&M

475 B&M

458 B&M

416 B&M

375 B&M

9.3 B&M

475 B&M Goes to Australia


All the basic 475 B&M load data is completed now. 

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North Fork CPS, FPS and Premium Bonded for the 475 B&M.

Cutting Edge Bullets for the 475 B&M

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