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50  B & M  Super Short

The 50 B&M Super Short is truly a unique rifle and cartridge. The cartridge is designed to work with the Winchester M70 WSSM action, with 16 inch barrels. This makes it the same overall length as a Marlin Guide Gun. Only we have a slick, tiny little bolt rifle. With the Ultimate stock from Winchester these come in at 6.25 lbs. Handling has to be experienced, I can tell you how great it is, but until you actually lay hands on you can't believe it. 

50 B&M Super Short Meets Australian Buffalo

There has been a long time statement that is no longer on this site. I stated that I did not consider the 50 B&M Super Short suitable for the "Heavies", elephant, hippo, and buffalo! I have cleared that statement now, as we have witnessed the 50 B&M Super Short slam big Australian buffalo to the dirt.

On our recent trip "Down Under", with our friend Paul Truccolo, my oldest son Matthew Daniel, did his work with a 50 B&M Super Short, loaded with both CEB Solids & Raptors, and North Fork CPS and FPS bullets. The 50 B&M Super Short was extremely effective, and hammered buffalo to the ground.

Paul, Sam Rose, and myself were very impressed with it's performance, and the performance of Matthew handling the rifle and making the shots.

Matt took an extremely large bodied bull, at least 20% bigger than any cape buffalo. He used two 375 gr North Fork (Expanding) CPS and 1 of the new nose profile 375 gr North Fork Solids. Both CPS ended up a couple of inches apart on the far side shoulder, and the solid exited after over 40 inches of dead straight penetration. Incredible performance from such a tiny package.  


Let me introduce you to my NEW TURKISH Stock from Accurate Innovations! Yes, You heard correctly, Accurate Innovations is now making Wood Stocks for the B&M Super Shorts. All the details have been sorted out, and this is my new high grade turkish, with some Class A Hand Checkering.


Winchester M70 50 B&M Super Short

Accurate Innovations Turkish

Each of my kids have received Gun #1, the first built of its kind and caliber, of the B&Ms. For Mercedes, Gun #1 50 B&M Super Short was a given. Recently we started working with Virginia Hydro Design, and having many of the Ultimate Stocks refinished in Snow Camo, Desert Camo, and a special one for Mercedes, and her Gun #1 in 50 B&M Super Short, what other color for a little girl than "Camo Pink"............


Mercedes Gun #1 50 B&M Super Short

March 2012

Last fall we learned about how "Nose Projection" of the CEB #13 Solids effected total penetration. Fact of the matter, a longer nose projection of .600 to .700 Nose in front of the first bands penetrate deeper than a shorter nose projection like the bullets designed for the Lever Action rifles. On average of 20% deeper penetration is gained with the longer Nose Projection. We redesigned both the 375 #13 Solid and it's matching 335 Raptor with a .600 Nose Projection. Not only does this provide 20% more penetration for the 375 Solid, but an added benefit because of being seated out further in the case, pressures are reduced, case capacity is gained, and more velocity is available to tap into. Which is exactly what I have done with the #13s designed specifically for the 50 B&M Super Short. With both 335 Raptor and the 375 #13 Solid we gained on average 100 fps and still remain at safe max pressures. The extra velocity gives us an extra advantage in terminal performance.

In addition recently we gave the Raptor a wider cavity to lower LVSP, or Low Velocity Shear Point. The bullet was 345 grains, it is now 335 grains and performance has increased incredibly so. I have tested it down to 1500 fps and the 335 Raptor still shears the blades at that velocity. New add on W-Talon Tips have been designed to fit the new cavity and will aid in BC, at least for that first shot, with the tip added they are too long for magazine use, but no downside to use a tip for the first round in the chamber.   


375/335 Solid/Raptor

Below you can find the comparisons in pressures and velocities of the two designs. While you can still use the Lever Gun designed bullets, you must keep in mind they cannot be pushed to the same velocities as the new W19SS and W18SS BBW#13s designed for the Super Short. 

February 2011

In the last couple of weeks I have started working with some new pressure trace data in the 50 B&M Super Short. I had not done this work since 2008 and we have many new bullets, some designed specifically for the 50 B&M Super Short that we needed concrete data on, most importantly the New North Fork 375 FPS and CPS bullets. In addition, we have discovered Hodgdon LilGun that was so successful in the 458 B&M Super Short. From the looks of data so far, LilGun is going to be great in the 50 B&M Super Short as well, taking our performance with this little cartridge to all new levels. As data is available I will be posting new General Load Data sheets.


The new load data using both WW 297 and LilGun we have been able to take the 375 North Fork FPS and CPS to over 2200 fps now, and stay under pressure limits. This puts the 50 Super Short in a new category, these bullets are superb and capable of handling some large jobs. Updated load data is now available below. Check it out!

The North Fork 375 gr CPS have arrived. These were approved and are now in production. These are available direct from North Fork and will be on their website. Designed specifically for the 50 B&M Super Short.


North Fork 375 CPS

New for 2012 North Fork Technologies has a NEW NOSE PROFILE for all calibers, including .500, for the Flat Point Solids--FPS.

A huge improvement of Terminal Performance has been achieved with the new nose profile.


I approved the new North Fork FPS with a 68% meplat for production. The bullet feeds and functions perfectly in all the Winchester M70 50 B&M Super Shorts and penetrates deeper than the previous version with a 71% meplat. These are now available from North Fork and we will keep them in stock here as well for you.  


North Fork 375 FPS

Basic Load Data 50 B&M Super Short

50 B&M Super Short Bullet Performance

More about NonCons---Non-Conventional Bullets. Add "Conventional" to the Endangered Species List!

Non-Conventional Bullets and how they work

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