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458 B & M Super Short

The next step for the B&M Super Short, 458 B&M Super Short. Same platform as the 50 B&M Super Short, Winchester M70 WSSM control feed action, 16 inch barrel, 6.25 lbs and 36 inches overall. This cartridge is excellent with 300-400 gr bullets. The 458 B&M Super Short is the last of the series in Super Shorts. 


458 B&M Super Short

Basic Load Data for the 458 B&M Super Short

Click on the link below for creating brass for the B&M Super Shorts

Creating Brass for the B&M Cartridges

We worked with Cutting Edge Bullets to come up with excellent solutions in which to enhance the performance of the 458 B&M Super Short. How does one enhance performance of any cartridge? The Bullet! We now have a 325/295 BBW#13 Safari Solid/295 Raptor combination that has given us incredible performance coming from such a small rifle.

With the 325 BBW#13 Solid running over 2300 fps it's new Longer Nose projection gives superior penetration over anything in it's class, and even out classes a lot of things that are supposed to be "Above" it's class!

This matched with the 295 BBW#13 S19SS Raptor HP at over 2500 fps is a matched pair of bullets to be reckoned with!

The 250 Socom Raptor tops out the selection from Cutting Edge, and in my opinion is even better than the 295 Raptor.  One can run the 250 Socom over 2600 fps in the Super Short.

458 B&M Super Short Goes to Texas--Then To Africa!

Our good Friend Sean Russell in Texas, B&M Fan already with a 416 B&M, had himself a 458 B&M built recently. I was fortunate to have it here for a few days and it is an incredible little rifle, and really looks sharp! We look forward to hearing about Seans Adventures with this and his 416 B&M later this year, as he will be in Africa in a few months giving the 416 B&M a workout, and hopefully he can take this 458 B&M Super Short along on the trip as well!

October 2012

Sean did in fact take his 458 B&M Super Short to Africa, and was very successful with it as well. There are a lot of "1sts" involved with this event. Yes, it was the First Outing to the field with a 458 B&M Super Short, it was also Sean's First Safari. It was also the "First Animal" taken with a 458 B&M Super Short, and it was His Majesty himself, the King of All Beasts, Lion!


Sean Russell and His Lion

Taken with 458 B&M Super Short

This is of course the first Lion taken with any B&M rifle or cartridge. Sean used a 295 #13 Raptor at 2560 fps.

Congratulations Sean, job well done.

 250 gr #13  Raptor

Recently we have been working with a new bullet from Cutting Edge that I requested for the 458 B&M Super Short, primarily, however, this bullet is a hammer in the 458 B&M and is great for the "Tired Old" 45/70, and may bring new life to that tired old cartridge as well........

The 458 B&M Super Short can

run this bullet to 2700 fps with

its 16.25 inch barrel.


This is very impressive terminal performance

North Fork 


From North Fork we discovered this incredible 300 gr Premium Bonded, and it is very well suited for the 458 B&M Super Short. While it is not new, it was a bit of a discovery to me, and now I have some in stock for my rifles!

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