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This is part of a series of videos produced, shot and edited by Ellev.com for B&M Rifles and Cartridges.


Additions & Updates to the B&M Site

I find it necessary to make a list here on the Home Page of new additions, postings, and updates to the B&M Site so that you do not need to hunt, and search for everything added.

Currently there are over 75 pages listed, and far too much for one to search out new information added.   New additions, posts, photos and other information added can be found on the links below.   Thank you for your visit.

New book by Bob Banfelder with Bonus feature including B&M Rifles and a Elephant Hunting Story.   See more under the News & Events page.



Breaking news, with Remington RUM brass just not available for nearly 2 years now, Hornady and Norma are now making RUM brass.   We tested it and it will work great for us.

See the New LabRadar in use for B&M Rifles.



Breaking news Concerning 50 Alaskan Brass from Starline.  I just got a call from Starline stating that they are running the 50 Alaskan brass that we use for the 50 B&M Alaskan within the week!   After having 1000 pieces on backorder for nearly a year, I doubled the order to 2000 Pieces, which we should have in stock in the next couple of weeks............


Article in Rifle Special Addition Big Bores by Layne Simpson

Perfect Big Bore.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)

Other Articles 



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