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Special Note From Michael

As has been stated elsewhere, I am not in the gun business and do not wish to be. I am a shooter, hand loader, and hunter, same as you. I do not receive any monies, or special deals, or any profits from anyone concerning the B&M rifles or cartridges. Nor is that my goal. I have a job already, and not looking for another!

I was contacted by a fellow recently who was interested in a B&M rifle/cartridge. I put him in contact with SSK Industries, and he thought the cost to do a "re-barrel" was too much, and flatly stated he doubted that we would be doing many rifles at that cost! Now to begin with it's a lot more than just a "re-barrel" as he put it, you receive a finished product, guaranteed, ready to go rifle, not a re-barrel.

I have not had anyone else do any of my work since I discovered SSK Industries, JD Jones, and Brian Alberts! I would not even consider the notion of anyone touching one of my dangerous game rifles. Before SSK I had work done by several other so called "Rifle Builders". It was always the same story, send them a rifle, and $2500.00, and you would get back a rifle in the caliber of your choice. This did not include special sights, or finished product, and no guarantees most of the time. I am not going to quote prices here for SSK Industries, but I can tell you this, 

for a finished product and NECG barrel bands and rear sights and guaranteed to feed and function it is not very much more than One Half what I mentioned above, and to me that is a Bargain to say the least!

For all those who are looking for something cheap, please go away, go somewhere else for that. Don't contact me about it. It is my wish to protect the integrity and reputation of the rifles and cartridges, and cheap ain't part of it! If "Cheap" is what you are looking for, look somewhere else, SSK Industries is not going to sacrifice Quality and Integrity so they can be "Cheap". I am not going to sacrifice Quality, Reputation, nor Integrity so they can be "Cheap".

What you will get is an extremely "Reasonable" price for first class quality work. To me the price is extremely reasonable for what you receive. More so than anyone else I ever had to do the same thing, or even less!

I don't consider these just everyday rifles, these I consider Dangerous Game Rifles and Cartridges. I don't want anything "Cheap" out in the field where things bite you, step on you, and want to mangle you, and the thing you have standing between you and said critter is your B&M Rifle! No, I want it to work, feed, function and shoot where I point it, and I don't want to worry about it being the lowest, cheapest possible price!

Another thing I am going to touch on is that every single bolt action I have converted to a B&M of any sort is a Winchester M70 Classic, control feed rifle. These cartridges are built for these rifles. This did not work the traditional manner of developing a cartridge, and looking for a rifle to put it in! These cartridges were developed for the rifle, not the other way around. You may very well be able to chamber another rifle in one of the B&M series cartridges, but it may not feed or function as well as the rifle it is designed for, and you may require extra work to get it to a reliable point, I don't know, and really don't care. This is up to you. Personally myself, if it does not say Winchester on it, then it can stay at home. If not built by SSK Industries, then it can also stay at home!

Some good advice from me, but it is free, so do with it as you please. First thing, Use a Winchester M70 for the bolt guns, a M71 for the lever guns, and a Winchester 1885 if you want a single shot Have SSK Industries do your work for you, because you are not going to get it done anywhere else anyway, they have the only reamers--At my request, and they are proprietary, as are the dies from Hornady!

The reason for this is not to try and profit from this, I get ZERO from it, in fact I spend many thousands of dollars each year to develop and improve the quality of the rifles, cartridges, brass, bullets and all that goes with the B&M's at my own expense, and will never recover any of that money spent. I have a reputation that is far more important to me than money, or profit. I use these rifles in the field on every hunt or adventure I have embarked upon since 2006. My name is on this, and I will not allow a tarnish on that reputation for any reason.

There is no such thing as a "Dissatisfied B&M Owner". Quality, Integrity, and Reputation will not be sacrificed, End Of Story.


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