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Accurate Innovations

I love wood stocks. Nothing is as classy to me as a really nice wood stock on a bolt action rifle. But getting a decent wood stock at a reasonable price is hard to come by these days. Brian at SSK recommended a few years ago I get in touch with Accurate Innovations in South Dakota. I did, and learned more about them and the stocks they offered at the time. One of the great attributes the Accurate Innovations stocks has over any of the competition is an aluminum chassis that is built into the stock. The action sits right down in this aluminum chassis. Now this does a lot of things, stocks don't warp in wet weather (which is true, I had one in Alaska in 2008), repeatable points of impact when taking the stock on and off for cleaning or what have you, but the very most important attribute of the stock for me is that the aluminum chassis is a recoil absorbing, recoil resistant component of the stock that makes the difference between busting a stock from recoil, or not! With an Accurate Innovations stock one does not have concerns about recoil cracking or busting the stock from a heavy recoiling rifle!

With the development of the 500 MDM I found out just how quickly a stock that is not designed to absorb recoil can get busted. On Gun #1 of the 500 MDM's, it busted the first stock in 18 rounds. The second stock busted in 4 rounds. Already owning a dozen Accurate Innovations stocks I got on the phone immediately and told them we have to put their stocks on the 500 MDM's. Soon I received a new XX Myrtle stock made for the 500 MDM, it's the one I took to Australia, and now has some 500 plus rounds shot through it and I have no more broken stock issues with the 500 MDM rifles. Today, all the 500 MDM rifles sport around in Accurate Innovations stocks.

Now one does not require an Accurate Innovations stock on the other cartridges, even the 458 and 50 B&M, unless your stock is a higher grade stock that comes on some of the Super Grade WSM's. I had one 50 B&M with one of these Super Grade stocks, and loved it. But the 50 B&M took it's toll on it after awhile cracking the forend. I replaced it with a very nice Turkish Walnut from Accurate Innovations, no more issues and the rifle handles great and has become one of my favorites. For future 50 B&M and 458 B&Ms, and the new 475 B&M, I very much recommend an Accurate Innovations stock. All that will be built in house will sport AI Stocks!

Having moved Accurate Innovations from South Dakota to North Carolina recently and under new management, Accurate Innovations is better than ever. Whether it's a stock for a B&M or other rifle of your choice give them a call you will not be disappointed.   

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