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.500 Caliber Terminal Performance

I have tested and worked with most available .500 caliber bullets on the market. Many do well in the cartridges as long as one stays within the terminal velocity envelopes that I have tested with the current manufacturers of .500 bullets.

The custom bullets by Cutting Edge Bullets & North Fork Technologies are designed for the heavy work in the 500 MDM and the 50 B&M. These bullets have been tested extensively both on the range and in the field on buffalo and elephant. These bullets work, and work very well.

For the 50 B&M Alaskan we now have several bullets designed specifically for this cartridge from CEB and North Fork. In addition, there are several conventional bullets on the market that do very well in the 50 B&M Alaskan, 500 Hornady, 400 Sierra, and others.

The 50 B&M Super Short does very well with most all the current manufactured .500 caliber bullets by Barnes, Hornady, Sierra, Remington and more. It also does very well with some of the lighter custom bullets, such as the 350 gr Brass Hollow Point we started working with recently.

Below you see some of the test work completed, and some bullets recovered from animals.

500 MDM Terminal Bullet Performance

50 B&M Terminal Performance

50 B&M Alaskan Terminal Performance

50 B&M Super Short Terminal Performance

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