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SSK Firearms​

JD Jones needs no introduction from me! JD is certainly an icon in the shooting and hunting world, and one of my heroes. I had only worked with JD on a couple of projects when the concept of the B&Ms came about, and Billy and myself could think of no one better qualified to make the concept a reality than JD Jones and SSK Industries.

Quality is the key and of utmost concern to JD and he will have nothing less than work that is performed correctly. Don't ask for short cuts here, you won't get them. JD will refuse the work before doing less than top notch quality. Quality comes first at SSK Industries.

JD has a great team working with him, all of which carry the same attitude towards quality as JD. I work a great deal with Brian Alberts. Brian has also been a great inspiration to me, and as far as I am concerned Brian can work miracles when it comes to sorting out issues! I quit asking Brian a long time ago if he could do a particular job or task, I just started asking "what can't you do", the list is much shorter. JD and Brian working together have solved any and all little issues with the B&M rifles and cartridges, which have not been many, but without their expertise and skills the B&Ms would not exist today. They have everything needed to put you in a first class working rifle, whether it's a B&M or one of your choice, you will be more than satisfied with what you receive! It is a great privilege and honor for me to be associated and work with such fine people as JD Jones, Brian Alberts and the entire SSK crew.

Give SSK a call, whether it's a B&M or another cartridge, or rifle, or even handguns that you need assistance with, they can provide the best quality and experience one can find, and all at a reasonable price!

As of 2021 JD Jones has officially retired and the business name has changed to SSK Firearms.   Everything is basically the same as always, Brian Alberts is still our B&M Go to Man, and handles all the work done.  

We do miss JD being a part of everyday operations.

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