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North Fork Technology

I did some test work with North Fork Technologies CPS bullets, Cup Point Solids. This was conducted with the 458 caliber 350 and 325 gr Cup Points, in mostly 458 B&M, but with some tests at higher velocity in the 458 Lott, and some lower velocity in 45/70.

CPS bullets are Non-Conventional expanding bullets, solid by design, limited penetration when compared to the same bullet in flat point solids. Deeper in penetration than any conventional lead core bullet. These "Non-Cons" as we tend to call them, enhance the capabilities of all the B&M series cartridges, as they do other cartridges/rifle combinations.

These tests led directly to a new series of North Fork bullets designed for all of the .500 caliber B&M cartridges, and the 500 MDM.

New For 2012---New North Fork Nose Profile


Superior Terminal Performance over the previous generation of North Fork Solids with the New 2012 Nose Profile.

North Fork Premium Bonded Core .500 caliber 450 gr designed for 50 B&M Alaskan.

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