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Paul Truccolo and Southern Safaris

Mike, I'll fess up now and admit I've been in turmoil since you left my camp, Your visit with me in Arnhemland forced me to completely re-evaluate my perception of a viable/practicle stopping rifle( cartrdige & rifle as a package ). You know when the WSM craze first came out by Winchester I ignorantly dismissed the theory of short cartridges as nonsense. " I'll stick to the traditional full length stuff for my rifles" was my attitude. I will admit I was ( and still am ) dubious of pressures these cartridges would operate at and didn't have a bar of them. The concept of cartridges that you have developed is a different ball game and after seeing and handling your rifles even a head-case like me has to admit that there is a HUGE difference between carrying a 9 1/2 lb gun to an 8 lb gun all day, especially when I have to carry that gun day in-day out for 3 - 4 months on end ! Heck, even 1/2 lb makes a difference. That has been brought home by my recent handling and practice work with my CZ. It's a nice rifle, fits me like a wet suit, now feeds like shucking corn hobs and I can shoot it well, BUT it's almost as long as I am and STILL weighs just short of 9 lbs EMPTY ! THAT'S ONE HECK OF A SMOKE POLE FOR A LITTLE FELLA LIKE ME TO TOTE AROUND ARHEMLAND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

The 50 B&M has REAL appeal to me, for it's combined ability to be housed in a real neat/light package and STILL produce the grunt that is more than enough for what I do, but I'm burnt by my memories of what that .500 M.D.M did to our buff !!!!

Had I have never seen that damned M.D.M of yours in the field, knocking buffalo over like the little steel ducks at the show-grounds, we would not even be having the comparison, but I HAVE SEEN IT KNOCK THEM BUFF AND G*%##D DAMNED I'M HOOKED !!!

Your absolutely correct that the 50 B&M would be the better/practicle choice, but i reckon you'd be the last person on the face of the earth to tell me I don't NEED an M.D.M !

I'm absolutely torn between the two.

Do I be realistic and practicle ( I know i'm going to LOVE the portability of a little 50 ) or do I just go the the raw knockdown power of the M.D.M that just inpressed me so much ?????????

The 500 M.D.M. is, to date, the most emphatic cartridge I seen used on our buffalo.

That's why everybody's interested in your cartridges Michael, because they work !

In my opinion, the 500 M.D.M carries to the table anything that anyone could ask for from a big game, stopping cartridge.

If the operator can handle the recoil, the rest is a foregone conclusion.

Damn that 50 B&M is a real goer and I had the hots for it big time, but Ive allways wanted a 500 and the M.D.M gives me an impressive package that I just can't ignore.

Honestly though I recken that the 50 B&M is one heck of an impressive cartridge that's going to go a long way.

Mike Trenholm

OK, I've been lurking around here watching and learning about the B&M series of cartridges for some time now.

As most know, I am a hard core Blaser shooter because I am very fond of the rifles, have proven them to me in the fields all over the world and they offer the best variety of cartridge selection a lefty can ever get.

That being said, I really wanted a big bore, something over the .40 or .416 variety and can't get that in my R93 and I didn't want to invest in a new R8.

Guess after looking over many options for myself in the .458 family of cartridges, I chose to have a .458 B&M made on a lefty Win 70 Classic rifle.

Finding a WSM rifle at a good price in a cartridge that I have less than NO use for (7mm WSM) was easy.

Then many e mail conversations with Michael regarding his cartridges resulted in my rifle going off to SSK for the conversion.

I got my dies and brass from Michael. Which is someting that even as a fairly advanced reloader, I'd never want to pursue myself.

Now the rifle is in hand. A beautiful job from SSK I might add and I have to find time to get some reloading done so I can get this rifle outside for a proper work out....

All I can say is Michael was great and very helpful throughout the entire process. SSK was also very reasonable and easy to work with. Delivered the custom project in much less time that you normally expect for such a job.

My experience began by reading all about these cartridges on AR and other sources. Guess that's a good thing about the internet. Not many places you could get this much information on such a unique family of cartridges.

I'll happily carry my 458 B&M in Moz chasing Cape Buff on my next trip!

DWright From AR

I'm not exactly a newbie when it comes to handling and shooting rifles. But I got the opertunity to actually handle one of Michaels 16" barreled .50 B&M short mag Winchesters today.

I had seen pictures of it, but when I pulled it out of the box and unwrapped it, I was surprised at it's shorter than expected carbine like length.

This has got to be THE sweetest handling rifle I have ever had the pleasure to shoulder, period!

With it's short barrel it actually feels extremely well balanced and comes up fast. WAY fast!

Damn, I forgot to set it on our postal scales and weigh it, but it is very light. Walkin around the shop with it in my hand it felt about like a little '94 Win. carbine, BUT with a big hole in the front end.

I'm gunna go shoot this thing in the hills on Wednesday at a variety of ranges from 10 yards, to about 500, and would be happy to report how that goes if there is any interest.

Hmmm, not sure I can wait that long. . . . . .

Tiggergate (AR Forum Member)

That is a very well thought-out family of cartriges. You have given the WSM and WSSM actions final justification for their existence!

Dentist (AR Member)

These are the handiest big bore rifles I have ever seen.

John Hlaudy


Those are great pics of a very nice rifle indeed. As you know, I received the 458B&M and it shoots great. I am totally amazed at the size of this rig. It is about 1/2 inch SHORTER than a Charles Daly mini mauser. Incredible! SSK did a great job putting it together. The fit, finish and function are first rate. The rifle is so easy to handle and when I throw it up with my eyes closed, the sights are lined up when I open them. It fits me very well.

I am looking forward to the 416 B&M and the 50 SS B&M.

Thanks for you help getting things put together on these rifles.


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