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B&M Leather

We are very proud of our Leather goods.   All are custom made by Mr. Henry Flores in California.   Henry is a MASTER Leather Artist.   The quality of his work is fantastic.    All the more exotic leather used is from my personal collection, my personal leather from buffalo and elephant I have hunted myself.    

Many of you may have your own leather to work with, and if so, and would like to get in touch with Henry please do so.   Henry can do anything in leather you can imagine.   Contact Information below.

Falcon's Forge & Leather Works
18695 Vierra Canyon Rd
Prunedale, CA  93907 
Phone 408-930-8682

Askins Avenger Holsters B&M Style

Henry has done it again!   His work always impresses me.   Recently I asked Henry to make a set of Askins Avenger Holsters for my two Kimber Ultras.  Henry has spoiled me with his Lace Work, and I now want that incorporated into nearly everything from belts to these new 
"Henry Avengers".   Of course, this is Elephant Leather, and the lace work from Cape Buffalo.    These are not for sale.

B&M Safari Sling

Below you see our B&M Safari Sling.   This is fashioned after a type sling I used for many years in the field.   Henry has again done an incredible job with these slings.   All are made from Elephant Leather, and most of the lace you see is Cape Buffalo.  There are some slings with the lace being made of elephant leather as well.   The Sling is "Pre-Adjusted" to carry a rifle on safari by a method I have used for many years while in the field.    They are adjustable from this position, but it does take some doing!  

Click on the link below to show how I use the B&M Safari Sling.

All B&M Safari Slings bear the B&M Logo.

Basic Colors are Dark Brown, Black, and Elephant Gray.   Buffalo Lacing is Black, Elephant Lace is Gray.

Currently Cashiers Check or PO Money Order

Email me for information;

B&M Cartridge Slides

We were introduced to Henry by our friend, and B&M enthusiast Mr. Mike Nice.   Mike is a veteran of several safaris for elephant, buffalo and lion.
Mike actually designed the B&M Cartridge Slides based on his experience in the field.  If you notice, rounds are not just crammed together, but actually are separated so that access to each round is far easier, and much more positive.   You will also note that the cartridge slides are not FLAT, but molded to go around the waist.   Mike did one hell of a good job on this design.   Thank You Mike!

These slides are made from elephant leather, and designed for all the B&Ms, with the exception of the Super Shorts.   Super Short Cartridge Slides are in the works and will be available soon.

Standard Colors Dark Brown, Black, Elephant Gray.   Currently only Black is in stock.

Cashiers Check or PO Money Order

Email me for details;

10 Round Cartridge Slide

5 Round Cartridge Slide

5 Round  Slide For Super Shorts

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