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African Outfitter January/February 2014

This article is by Chris Bekker and concerns Mono-Metal Bullets and Barrel life.   Parts of this article touch on subjects that we have studied here concerning pressures, banding, and Cutting Edge and North Fork bullets in double rifles.

Mono Metal Bullets.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)

African Outfitter July/August 2013

Around the Fire with Japie Schoeman

American Rifleman September 2013

An article by Layne Simpson concerning Sizing down Jacketed bullets for obsolete or other calibers.   Layne also writes about sizing down .510 jacketed bullets to .500 caliber for the 50 B&M Alaskan.   Layne sent these to me when doing this for terminal test work, which was very successful........

Hunters Horn Summer 2013

An article by Ken Kempa about how to load accurate and easy hunting loads........

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