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475 B&M

Like the 50 B&M and the rest of the B&M family, the 475 B&M is designed for Winchester M70 WSM control feed actions.   Same basic 2.240 inch RUM case, just squeezed to .474 caliber.   Currently all 475 B&Ms have been built with 18 inch barrels.   Bullets from Cutting Edge and North Fork have been designed specifically for the 475 B&M.   And as you can see from the trip to Australia below, the bullets have been an enormous success. 

The 475 B&M will be the last of the B&M Series based on a 2.240 inch RUM Case, and works from Winchester M70 WSM Rifles, which now consists of the following;

50 B&M
475 B&M
458 B&M
416 B&M
375 B&M
9.3 B&M

475 B&M Goes to Australia

All the basic 475 B&M load data is completed now.   Since Gun #1 now has a proud new owner, this left me short of a 475 B&M.  I used one of the hi grade bastogne blanks for a new stainless 475 B&M to do all the load data and pressure data.  We are happy with Accurate Innovations and this new stock!

We have excellent loads for the following bullets, 450 BBW#13 Solid, it's matching 420 BBW#13 NonCon HP, 425 North Fork CPS and FPS, and the 425 North Fork Premium Soft Point.   All at low working pressures, and leaves some room for you to grow, as long as your velocity matches with mine.  

More about NonCons---Non-Conventional Bullets.    Add "Conventional" to the Endangered Species List!

Terminal Performance of the 475 B&M.

Click on the link below for Creating brass for the 475 B&M

North Fork CPS, FPS and Premium Bonded for the 475 B&M.

Cutting Edge Bullets for the 475 B&M

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