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Not too long ago our Web Host completely changed the way the site is updated and edited.   I have not worked with the new system and I am having to learn it from scratch.   I have learned to add text and change photos in some cases, but I have not been able to add documents yet and some other essential items.   Since there are over 70 pages and links on the site, and I am but one man, and I am not a web designer by profession, bear with me please.  It is not something I can do in a matter of days.   Most of the main pages I have been able to get updated, but many of the others that are within those pages I have not been able to update yet.   Terminal Performance, Additional Research and some of those are proving to be a challenge, especially getting new documents uploaded and in place.   


My apologies for falling behind on this and I will continue to reconstruct and hopefully get everything back up and running again.


Thank You






SSK Firearms is no longer in the Custom Firearms building business.   They will no longer be building B&M rifles.   A couple of years ago SSK Industries was sold, with our Friend JD Jones retiring.   SSK Industries was renamed SSK Firearms by the new owner.   In the beginning the transistion was fine, the new owner was happy to keep the B&M Lineup under the SSK banner.   Then late fall of 2022 there was an incident involving a customer that was not able to take his custom rifle (not a B&M Customer--But a Customer that JD had dealt with on another matter) This customer was then in bad health and could not use the rifle that was built and wanted a refund.  This caused such a stir with the current management that it was declared that Custom Firearm Builds were just too aggravating, and SSK Firearms would no longer be in the Custom building business, a business that SSK Industries was founded upon and thrived for decades.   I had originally hoped that this was a simple "Knee Jerk" reaction, but it has now been nearly a year and it does not look like anything is going to change for the positive.  

With this in mind we are removing and revoking any loyalty, or good will we once had for SSK FIREARMS, we do not feel that SSK Firearms under its current management deserves any rights for anything to do with the B&M name, or any other consideration for any endorsements or support.

I will always have great Loyalty and support to JD Jones and the Crew he had at SSK Industries, nothing has changed with that, except that SSK Industries no longer exists.   

Currently there are no designated Custom Builders, or Gunsmiths available to take over these duties, this may change in the future, I do not know.   I know I do have all the Reamers for the B&M cartridges, I now have the rights to order Dies from Hornady and Reamers from Manson (these were Proprietary to SSK Industries).   I will be requesting soon all B&M owned materials from SSK Firearms be returned to me.  I will also be removing any references to SSK Firearms on this site as well. 

It is with great sadness that a truly great company, with the very best of people has ceased to exist. 

If and when there are a change of circumstances I will report it here.


For those that do not hand load, Custom Loaded Ammo can be available to you through Superior Ammunition.

Note that the 500 MDM, 50 B&M, 50 B&M AK, and the 50 B&M Super Short are true .500 caliber.

The 50 B&M, 475 B&M, 458 B&M, 416 B&M, 375 B&M, and 9.3 B&M are all built on Winchester M70 WSM actions with barrels from 18 to 20 inches. Rifles weigh 6.5 lbs with the Winchester Ultimate stock, 7.5-8 lbs lbs with the Accurate Innovations wood stock.

The Super Short B&M cartridges are built on Winchester M70 WSSM actions. Currently available is the 50 B&M Super Short, 475 B&M Super Short, and 458 B&M Super Short. These rifles have 16 inch barrels and weigh 6.25 lbs with the Winchester Ultimate Stock.

For the lever gun enthusiast we have the 50 B&M Alaskan. A true .500 caliber cartridge that calls either a Winchester/Browning M71 or a Marlin Guide Gun home. Both come standard with 18 inch barrels and the cartridge is capable of 500 gr bullets at 1850 fps. A powerful lever action package.

Our Big Bore stopping rifle is the 500 MDM. Based on a full length Winchester M70 it gives the shooter more power than a 500 Nitro Express on a bolt action rifle with 20 inch barrels and weighs in at 8-8.5 lbs depending on the stock.  

Link to Creating Brass for the B&M Cartridges

Much more detail can be found under the individual pages for each rifle and cartridge.

We have chosen Accurate Innovations as our only Wood Stocks for any of the B&M rifles. There is no other stock that will handle the recoil of some of the larger bores better than an Accurate Innovations stock. AI has all the specs to build your stock for all the B&M Rifles.

For each of the B&M Cartridges we have designed specific bullets for each cartridge that will accomplish any mission that you ask of them. These bullets are available from both Cutting Edge Bullets and North Fork Technologies.

I personally am not in the gun business and don’t want to be. I am a shooter, hand loader, and hunter, the same as you. I developed these rifles and cartridges because of a personal need for something to satisfy my needs and objectives, and I have been extremely successful and lucky in the B&M adventure, and it is my desire to share it with other shooters and hunters. 



I am available to you for assistance and am more than willing to help out in any way that I can. Use our contact form on this site or email me direct at for any questions!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what you have seen! Please Stop by and sign in on our "Guest Book" and let us know what you think.


The rest of the Team that put the B&M Rifles and Cartridges

William V. Bruton (The "B" in the B&M)

Accurate Innovations Stocks for B&M's

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