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From time to time I will also have rifles on hand for sale, but these must go to an FFL Dealer for legal transfer.     These are here for your convenience should you decide to go that route.    Elite Tactical Sales here in Myrtle Beach will handle the transfer from this end to your dealer should you decide to purchase one of the available rifles I have on hand. 

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It has been brought to my attention that this page, "Rifles for Sale" is somewhat a contradiction to my statements about NOT "being in the firearms business".   And without proper clarification I can see how that might be viewed.   As with other items specific to the B&M Rifles and Cartridges these rifles are done for your convenience should you choose not to go through the process of building your own.   In addition, I like working with the rifles and instead of having just base rifles on hand for you to build from, sometimes I might choose to have some built.   Some of the rifles listed below I have more invested in than what the sale price is, not a real good business practice, if it were a business.   Dies, brass, bullets, load data, pressure data, and rifles are kept on hand at my expense for those who choose to have B&M rifles.   Profit from this is not the objective, the objective is for you to be successful in the field with these rifles and cartridges, and for you to have everything needed to do so.  If I recover my cost on these, then I am more than satisfied.  

As always, should you choose to build direct with SSK Industries, that pleases me just as well.   The dies, brass, bullets, load data and everything is available to  you just the same.    For those who would rather have a custom stock, Wes and Patrick at Accurate Innovations will take very good care of you as well.    They already have all the standard measurements for all the B&M rifles and know exactly how to get them right.  I will also be just as  available to you for assistance with anything if you go this route as buying one of these rifles.   In many ways I personally would much rather you deal direct with SSK Industries or others involved in the B&M Rifles, it takes me out of the loop of that part of it.  

I do these things not for profit, nor even to entertain any future business, but because I believe in the project, I am the proud parent of the project, and of course most of all, I enjoy it.   In cases some may have been my personal rifle, I am selling it used so I can build another.   It's that simple.  

For the Winchester M70s listed below, CDNN currently has available the Winchester M70 WSM Black Ultimate Dura Touch Stocks for $49.99.  These will fit all the B&Ms from 9.3 B&M to 50 B&M.

Also from CDNN these spacers are available that allow a 2 piece bottom metal rifle to fit in a 1 piece bottom metal stock.   

Winchester M70 475 B&M Super Short

Stainless Ultimate  16.25 Inch Stainless barrel, NECG Front Barrel Band and NECG rear iron sights.   Black Winchester Ultimate Stock.   Trigger Work.   36 Inches overall Length, 6.25 lbs overall weight.  

For more information on the 475 B&M Super Short please visit this page;


Winchester M70 9.3 B&M

Gunkote Matte Black finish, Winchester Ultimate Stock, 20 inch 1:12 twist barrel, NECG Front Barrel Band and Rear Adjustable Sight.  Trigger work.


For more information on the 9.3 B&M please visit this page;


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